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Haiti Committee

Haiti Committee Mission Statement
The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart/St. Bridget Haiti Committee partners with our brothers and sisters in Carissade, Haiti to improve their community’s spiritual, educational, and nutritional development to help all of us more fully reach our potential in Christ, and ultimately for Carissade to achieve economic sustainability.

To achieve this mission we work together to promote the following opportunities:

  • worship
  • education and nutrition
  • healthcare availability
  • economic development
  • sharing the love of Jesus in word and deed

Sponsor a Haitian Child in 2018
500 Students need your help in our Twin Parish in Carissade, Haiti.
Your donation of $150 annually ($12.50 per month / $2.90 per week) will provide food, books, school supplies, and health services for a student at Carissade. Any amount you can provide will be put to good use in the community and much appreciated by our brothers and sisters.

How to Sponsor
If you wish to sponsor a child, please visit our donate page:
Please give prayerful consideration to providing help to our twin parish.

About Us
The Haiti Committee of the Cathedral and St. Bridget parishes oversees our twinning relationship with the Catholic Community of Carissade in Haiti (a mission chapel of Sacred Heart Parish, Hinche).

We have helped the people of Carissade build a church, a school, a corn mill, two wells and a cafeteria.

We fund a school lunch program for 500 children who might otherwise go hungry and we pay the salaries for ten teachers and a principal at the school. In 2009, we opened a health clinic at the school and we provide financial support for medical supplies and the nurse who operates the clinic five days a week. We are now presently overseeing a goat project.

We fund a scholarship program for students to advance to a secondary education at St. Martin’s in Hinche.

In the years ahead, with your prayers and support, we will continue to collaborate with the community on sustainable economic development projects.

If you’re interested in getting involved, join us on Facebook: Haiti Committee or contact
Dale Fickett

Social Justice Ministry

The Social Justice Ministry is currently accepting grant applications from area agencies who assist the poor and needy.  If you would like to apply for a grant on behalf of your agency, click here for the 2018 grant application.  In addition to providing financial support, we encourage your continuous support with organizations we’re involved in throughout the Richmond area, such as the Daily Planet, Micah Mentorship, the Caritas Program.
Contact: Tommy Joe Bednar
Deacon Chris Malone

Partnering Organizations
Cathedral provides financial assistance, volunteers to the following area organization. These organi- zations provide services to members of our community including Cathedral parishioners. When you are considering how to use your time, talent, resources to keep these organizations in mind.

CARITAS helps to break the cycle of lessness, addiction in Metro
Richmond area so that people can lead stable lives. We are the largest provideer of less services in the area, we are innovative because our four programs fill the gaps in this system. CARITAS helps the most vulnerable among us, which makes for a stronger community. We strive to make a long lasting impact not merely bandaids.
Shelter: 804-358-0964
Furniture Bank: 804-343-7277

Commonwealth Catholic Charities
CCC helps the most vulnerable individuals, families in central, southwestern Virginia. We provide support in crisis as well as services to strengthen families, nurture children.
Please call us anytime between 8:30 a.m., 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We have multiple locations to help you find the right fit at CCC., you can always send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!
Email us
Richmond ( Office): 1601 Rolling Hills Drive 804-285-5900 TTY: 804-285-1630
Homeless Point of Entry: 511 W. Grace Street 804-648-4177

Circle Center Adult Day Services
Founded in 1976 by Cathedral, and four other Richmond Fan District churches, serves our frail, older adults from all over the greater Richmond area who can not stay at home safely during the day, providing  the respite, support to their family caregivers who need to continue working, or get a break from 24/7 care giving. The 25,000 square foot Center, offers specialized treatment for those with dementia. The facility also has dedicated space for a new Wellness Program providing strength, flexibility, balance training, chair yoga, Wii activities and much more!  The Center provides breakfast, lunch, two snacks, a full day of interesting activities, on-site nursing care, help with personal care needs, including bathing, social work services, educational, support groups for the older adults, for their family caregivers, transportation, rehabilitation coordination and community resources.
Those wanting more information about care for an elderly relative should email Amy Bodman or call 804-355-5717.
Individuals wanting information about adult day services, ways to become involved at Circle Center, or ways to make a gift to the facility, please email us.
Volunteers of any age are always welcome. Visit us online at:
Contact: Amy Bodman 804-355-5717

Daily Planet
The Daily Planet provides accessible, comprehensive, integrated quality health services to those at risk of or experiencing lessness. Cathedral of the Sacred Heart partners with Daily Planet by providing meals once a month for the Medical Respite program. Medical Respite is a 20-bed facility designed to provide convalescent care upon hospital discharge for up to 30 days for adults who do not have appropriate living arrangements to support recuperation. It provides 24-hour staff supervision with the ultimate goal of establishing a medical, attaining stable housing.
Contact: Will Beebe

Virginia Home
The Virginia is a private, nonprofit 130-bed facility providing nursing, therapeutic, residential care to adult Virginians with irreversible physical disabilities. The exists to provide compassion- ate, professional care, to ensure that the lifelong comfort, security of these individuals will never be compromised, regardless of ability to pay. Volunteer opportunities are available to assist the residents of the Virginia.
Contact: Ann Mays | 804-232-3291 | no email

Knights of Columbus

About Us

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic lay organization, administered and supported by Catholic laymen, as a fraternal society (Order) seeking for each member (Brother Knight) to more firmly be footed in faith, hope, and charity, and to further their own growth in the knowledge of their Catholic faith and thereby be able witnesses of the mystery of salvation.

To that end, the Bernard J. Quinn Council #11710, is excited to serve as a unique Council exhibiting the diversity of age, employment and race, evidenced in our Cathedral Parish and our Roundtable Parish, (a parish without a K of C Council based there), St. Peter Church. Our membership participates actively in the ministries of Liturgy, Eucharist, Music, Service, Hospitality and Fundraising. We strive to promote fellowship as we implement programs supporting Vacation Bible School, Food Pantry, Vocation Calling, Assisting those with physical and mental needs, ministering to the sick and praying on behalf of those in need and those entering eternal life.

We also strive to engage the entire family in projects and fellowship. By having a membership of younger and older individuals, employed and retired individuals, and members of different races, we believe we reflect God’s universal appeal in our local Cathedral and St. Peter Parishes. We are the Bernard J. Quinn Council of the Knights of Columbus and we love it!

Contact Us: Email Contact List
All council members of Bernard Quinn Council #11710 that haven’t received regular email communications are asked to send a brief message to the Past Grand Knight, Alex Nguyen, so that your name can be added to the contact list.
Alex Nguyen

Pastoral Council

About Us
The Cathedral Pastoral Council serves as the consultative body for the Parish and provides counsel to the rector and lay administration; to help envision, establish, plan, and monitor the mission and activities of the Cathedral Parish. Members of the Council include the Rector, Vice-Rector, Deacon(s), Parish Business Administrator, nine persons elected by the parish, any persons appointed by the Rector, the immediate past chairperson of the Council, and a representative of each of the parish’s standing committees.

Vision Statement
We, the Cathedral community of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, express our shared life in the ministries of liturgical celebration, faith formation and service.

Our mission is rooted in the mission of Jesus Christ to the world and in our uniqueness as a Parish, specifically the diversity of our membership, our relationship to our urban neighborhood, including Stuart Circle Parish and Virginia Commonwealth University, our history, and our special role as the Cathedral parish of our diocese.

We wish to actualize our potential in the service of God’s kingdom, by providing visible examples of cooperation, healing, presence and trust. The Council is responsible for (i) encouraging collaborative parish activity and (ii) calling and enabling all members of the parish to discover, develop, and offer their gifts in service to the wider community.

2018/2019 Pastoral Council Members

  • Msgr. Patrick Golden
  • Jenna Nguyen, Chair
  • Rebecca Richards, Secretary
  • Deacon Michael DeNoia
  • Deacon Chris Malone
  • Deacon Mark Matte
  • Deacon Charles Williams
  • Martin Ahlijah
  • Tommy Joe Bednar
  • Gigi Curtain
  • Catherine Fratter
  • Emily Fritz
  • Millie Green
  • Gene Ledle
  • Robin Mundle
  • Allison Powell

Monthly Meeting Minutes
May 10, 2018
January 18, 2018
November 17,2017
September 14,2017
May 11,2017
March 9, 2017
January 12,2017
November 10, 2016
September 15, 2016
May 12, 2016
March 10, 2016
September 15, 2016
May 14, 2015
September 10, 2015
November 12, 2015

Get Involved
Any confirmed Catholic who is a registered and active member of the parish is eligible to serve on Council. Term of office is typically three years and elections for Council are held in May of each year. All parishioners are welcome to attend Pastoral Council meetings.If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact our ministry chair.
Jenna Nguyen 540-578-4182


Master Schedule
Click Here for the Master Schedule January-February all Eucharistic Minister Coordinators, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors and Servers. If you want to learn more about serving at Mass in any of these capacities, please look below.

Altar Servers
These youth (age 10, older, girls, boys), adults assist the Priest, Deacons during all weekend Liturgies, on Holy Days, at funerals. Training is required, provided.
Coordinator: Frances Behlman 804-965-6913

Altar Society
The Altar Society has as its responsibility the care, upkeep of the Cathedral Sanctuary, Sacristies. The range of duties include care for the Altar linens to flower placement, with the main goal of keeping the worship areas, places of reverence, beauty.
Coordinator: Eric Distanislao

These ministers exercise the following liturgical ministries:


  • Maintaining Altar Clothes
  • Maintaining Mass Linens
  • Cleaning, dressing of the Main Altar
  • Cleaning & dressing of the Side & Transept Altar tops
  • Dressing the Tabernacle
  • Dressing the Gift Table

Coordinator: Jody Taylor 804-355-2033

Flower Ministry

  • Decorating the front doors
  • Installing seasonal flowers/accents throughout Sanctuary
  • Decorating Side & Transept Altar ledges during Christmas & Easter
  • Installing seasonal banners, flags & plants

Coordinators: Jody Taylor 804-355-2033
Donna Newcomb 804-233-8955

Eucharistic Ministers
These ministers assist in the distribution of Holy Communion, the Body, Blood of Christ, during the celebration of the Eucharist. Training is required, provided by parishioner coordinator, Cathedral staff.
Coordinator: Eric Distanislao 804-264-9004

Eucharistic Ministry Coordinators
These ministers assist in coordinating the Eucharistic Ministers, in setting up before Liturgy the accoutrements needed for the Communion Rite at one weekend Liturgy as scheduled. Training is required, provided by parishioner coordinator, Cathedral staff.
Coordinator: Eric Distanislao 804-264-9004

Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick
These ministers bring Holy Communion to the sick, the hospitalized, the homebound. Training is provided by parishioner coordinator(s) and Cathedral staff. The current Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick Schedule can be accessed here.  Eucharist to Sick and Homebound Schedule

If you’re interested in volunteering, please let us know.

Funeral Ministry
Funeral Ministry assists the office staff in volunteering to be ushers, servers, Eucharistic Ministers, EMCs. Must be available during the weekdays.
Contact: Daniel Sanez 804-212-3889

Lectors/Proclaimers of The Word
Through their proclamation, Lectors make Christ present to us in the Word of God. Discernment of the gift of proclamation, training are required, provided.
Adult Coordinator: Caroline Douglas 804-282-2538 | no email

Ushers/Ministers of Hospitality
These ministers assist in greeting, seating, offering facility information, maintaining safety, taking up the collection(s) at all weekend Liturgies and Holy Days. Training is required, provided by parishioner coordinator(s), Cathedral staff.
Coordinator: Carl Archacki 804-396-5428

Parish Community Life

Gift Shop
The Cathedral Gift Shop is located in the vestibule of the church. Volunteers are needed to operate gift shop before and after all Masses and special liturgies. Training available.
Contact: Jody Taylor 804-355-2033
Donna Newcomb 804-233-8955

Hospitality Ministry
The Hospitality Ministry hosts monthly Community Sunday socials for parishioners; assists other parish ministries in areas such as events celebrating, welcoming new members of our community; coordinates receptions for Diocesan events; receptions for RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) celebrations of Rites;, works with the Pastoral Council in preparing for the annual Parish Picnic as well as other event opportunities which may arise during the year.

Staff Contact:
Community Sundays-

Organize volunteers to purchase donuts, set up Parish Hall for approximately 4 receptions during the year for after the 9:00 am, 11:00 am Masses
Contact: Ann Bellemore

Special Dinners, Events, Socials-

Organize volunteers to prepare food, set up for various special events during the year including Parish Picnic, Martin Luther King Brunch, Welcome Ministry events, Guest Lecture receptions, Music for a Cathedral Space concert reception.
Coordinators obtained from Time & Talent

Laundry Ministry
Washing of Parish Hall, Kitchen linens. Contact: Ann Mays 804-232-3291

Prayer Shawl Ministry
The Prayer Shawl Ministry’s purpose is to develop a “pocket shawl” to pass on to parishioners who need comforting due to illness or infirmity. Do you knit? If so this ministry is for you!
Contact: Terri Warren 804-359-2281
Staff Contact: Chris Ferrara 804-212-3883

Ecumenical Ministry

About Us
Through our Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations Ministry we foster dialogue and provide opportunities to promote Christian unity and interreligious understanding. Under the leadership of Bishop John J. Russell following Vatican Council II, the Diocese of Richmond was the third diocese in the world to create a Commission for Ecumenism and Interreligious Affairs. The Diocese is a member of the Virginia Council of Churches and Bishop Walter F. Sullivan continued the diocese’s ecumenical commitment initiated by Bishop Russell when he chose as his motto, “To Unite All in Christ,” as his episcopal motto in 1970. Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo carries this commitment forward through the Diocesan Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs Commission.

At the Cathedral, our ecumenical and interreligious activities include:

Membership in Stuart Circle Parish, Richmond’s oldest ecumenical association. Bishop Sullivan was instrumental in the formation of Stuart Circle Parish. Current Stuart Circle Parish member churches are Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, First English Lutheran, Grace Covenant Presbyterian, St. James’s Episcopal and St. John’s United Church of Christ. Stuart Circle Parish churches commit themselves to being a living sign of what they believe in common to be the will of God: That all may be one. Through an annual Palm Sunday Procession, shared educational opportunities and service to the community, the churches of Stuart Circle Parish make a witness as the Body of Christ wherever they join in ministry in the City.

Participation in the LARCUM (Lutheran, Anglican, Roman Catholic and United Methodist) Dialogue. LARCUM holds an annual conference and supporters of the Virginia LARCUM Covenant promote greater ecumenical activities among Lutherans, Anglicans, Roman Catholics and United Methodists. To learn more, review the LARCUM Covenant.

Partner in the Habitat for Humanity House of Faith Build. Cathedral took part in Habitat’s first ever interfaith build in the Richmond area the spring of 2005. This interfaith project is called the House of Faith and interfaith partners have included Congregation Beth Ahabah (Jewish), The Hindu Center, The Virginia Muslim Coalition, and a number of Christian partners including New Deliverance Evangelistic, St. John’s United Church of Christ, St. James’s and St. Paul’s Episcopal and Holy Rosary. The Cathedral has continued to participate in the House of Faith build and, in 2010, Cathedral parishioners are helping in the construction of the Pillars of Oakmont, a 15-home community being built in Richmond’s East End. It is the first mixed-income Habitat-built community for the region.

Support for Circle Center Adult Day Services founded in 1976 by Cathedral and other Stuart Circle Parish Churches. One of Cathedral’s most successful ecumenical projects, this licensed adult day health center is beginning celebration of its 37th anniversary of caring for frail older adults and supporting their family caregivers and has served thousands of families of all faiths over the years. For more info, please select this link

Offering of ecumenical formation programs such as adult education and ecumenical community service activities to deepen our understanding of Church teaching on ecumenism and our relationship with other groups within the broader civic community.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact our Parish Ecumenical Representative.
Mike Jackman 804-338-3100